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Incredible stupidity - a fake Zeppelin overprint on perfin W Land Finland
  Registreret af JuhaT , 02-01-2010 21:02:37.
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Perfins are a special branch of philately.
Companies have marked their stamps with perforated dot patterns to avoid the stamps being used by their staff for private purposes. Not very common, and not very effective. So, the idea has faded away.

In Finland perfins were used only by 11 companies. By far the most rare one is the W perfin. A decent perfin W stamp sells for over 200 EUR. With luxus cancel over 300 EUR can be expected.

A few weeks back I wrote:
'This guy 'pepeberlin82' is destroying nice philatelic material with his homemade overprints.'

This has turned out to be a prophecy. This German seller and -I suppose- fake maker has now destroyed a lux cancelled perfin W stamp in order to openly sell a Zeppelin overprint fake as a fake. He has sold such fakes for 10+ EUR per 3 stamps.

Unfortunately two bidders had noticed that the base stamp under this childish overprint fake was a gem. So, the fake maker got much more for his forgery than what he deserved. Shame!


JuhaT (02-01-2010)
I have to add:
In Finland one of these childish new fakes is being sold for 40+ EUR. OK, it is a Zeppelin printing error '1830' fake, but a childish new inkjet or handstamp job anyway. I'll tell you which after getting the W stamp in my hands.

JuhaT (19-01-2010)
Obviously a handstamp.
The ink goes very deep into the paper.

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