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Fanciful Saarinen 80p overprints Land Finland
  Registreret af JuhaT , 14-01-2017 10:19:08.
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In auction fanciful overprints for sale as forgeries:
80p/10p and 80p/20p !!!
As such values have never existed, this cannot be a postal forgery
or meant to really fool fake collectors.

I put my 5 cents to the theory that somebody has been goofing with rubber stamps
and results are now here to surprise us.
Not going to bid these.


JuhaT (14-01-2017)
On the other hand, such meta fakes CAN be philosophically appealing to some of us fake collectors.
But where to draw the line?
Can you make scores of fakes of your own and regard them as genuine collectibles?

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (16-01-2017)
Maybe you remember a similar 'impossible' item on Fakebase - and I am thinking of this: A non-existing 5p overprint on a M-1889 entire! I have a strange feeling, that I have seen your 80p overprints before, but I cannot remember whrere!

JuhaT (17-01-2017)
Now that you mention it... yeah.
Strange things happen in faked wonderworld.

There are also all kinds of cinderella village post stamps to consider.
If I carry mail for my neighbours with a boat and I issue stamps of my own,
is it a 'real' stamp or cinderella - or years later a fake?

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