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10 mk Aunus overprint in eBay Land Finland
  Registreret af Marko Vasama , 04-07-2016 16:42:46.
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I bought aforementioned stamp from Azuckuss stamps (GB) at eBay. Then I sent it to mr Lehtonen, the only expert in Aunus stamps, and it was a fake. I contacted the seller via email, mr Alan Cutts, but so far, in three weeks I haven' t got an answer. I sent the item back in order to get my money back.
It was listed under 'Russia, Finnish occupation', so somebody may think it is a great find. It is not, I paid 200£ and got burned.
Fortunately, you can recognize the stamp, because it has some little lilac-coloured markings- rings- in its right lower corner in its back side.


Bjørn Hinnerichsen (04-07-2016)
Perhaps we could have a picture of the front, too? Most often a cancellation will reveal the fake at once!

JuhaT (04-07-2016)
That would nice, because fakes are made in small series.
Knowing one in the series we'll know them all.
But hey, try to get a better photo.
Maybe a little more distance and then crop the pic.

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (05-07-2016)
If you paid the item with PayPal, you can get your money back! Contact them and explain exactly, what has happened.I tried once myself with an untrustworthy dealer, and in a short time my payment was returned by PayPal :-) Don't wait too long!

Marko Vasama (05-07-2016)
Okay, at the left is a genuine one from my collection, at right the Azuckuss fake. Really hard to tell from the overprint, wouldn't you say? Sorry for the quality of photos, but they are the only ones available right now.

Jouko Mäkinen (06-07-2016)
It had been a bargain, if it had been not a fake and in good condition (which will be revealed only when you have the stamp before you) especially now when the pound has come weaker. Jouko M

JuhaT (06-07-2016)
That is a tricky one. Maybe a little heavy overprint (thick lines).
No wonder you didn't notice it from the seller's scans.

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