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Fake perforation
Objekt set på eBay US, vare nr. 301937923461
Observation tilføjet 29-04-2016 19:42:46 af Bjørn Hinnerichsen

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Ordinary 32p S-printing with fake perforation. Sold as a 'Copenhagen print' and cancelled in 1877! The re-perforationg is nice work, but anyway the perforation does not look real. The colour of the stamp and the print as a whole reveals the fake at once. A few genuine stamps were used in 1876, but not later


Bjørn Hinnerichsen (29-04-2016)
I add a genuine stamp for comparison

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (29-04-2016)
Seller contacted. He even lives in Helsingfors, Finland. Shame on him!

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (30-04-2016)
Item withdrawn by seller. Thanks!

JuhaT (03-05-2016)
According to eBay the seller is a Russian living in Israel.
'Based in Israel, russiai has been an eBay member since May 12, 2001'
The 'stamp' is supposed to be in Finland - if that is true.

As to the 'stamp', quick checks:
In genuine 'Copenhagen print' the perforation is very sharp, needle holes are big. Color is more like brick whereas later Senate prints are more like carmin red.

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (31-05-2016)
I just added another fake perforation with very nice looks! But the holes between the perfs are too narrow - compare with the genuine Copenhagen Printing. At first sight the stamp seems to be ok - I even counted vertical and horizontal perfs - but second time I realized, that something was wrong: The perfs were far too thick, not looking like 'the real thing' at all! I shall contact the seller.

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (31-05-2016)
Here a link to the fake on eBay

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (31-05-2016)
Stamp withdrawn. Nice and quick reaction by seller!

JuhaT (31-05-2016)
Nice work, Bjorn!
Stamp #2:
Is it only my eyes but don't you too think the 14 perf has been added to the stamp in a fake workshop?

Bjørn Hinnerichsen (01-06-2016)
You are probably right, Juha! The upper row of perfs seems to have been added - but also the vertical side to the right looks suspicious. This is definitly not amateur work!!
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